Steph came to me many years ago to ride my schoolmaster Albie. She was a confident person but lacked confidence in her riding schools and had balance and suppleness issues. After a summer of lunging on Albie, Steph was able to sit the trot and canter well and was feeling confident enough to rider her own beautiful Cremello pony again. Steph has gone on to ride many dressage tests and even try a little jumping since we worked together and im very proud of her accomplishments.

Deidre has been a lovely client who came to me to improve her dressage and her eventing. She has a lovely schoolmaster type called Yogi Bear, whom she competes at BE90. To begin with Deidre struggled with obtaining engagement and riding to the aids, to produce a supple, swinging Yogi for the judges, but with careful work with Deidre's seat and then developing her feel and sophistication of her hands and following abilities, she managed to get Yogi in the mid thirties in his eventing dressage for the first time ever.

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