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Deidre De Massini, Sarah Elliott, and Georgie Patrick
And we must remember this is FUN
Natalie Johnston
So I wanted to say thank you for my lessons over the past few months, I feel that Ive learnt a huge amount but also had a lot of fun. Youve been an inspirational trainer and certainly the best Ive come across over my riding years. Im so happy to have had the opportunity to ride Albie, he has always been a perfect gentleman and has restored my confidence entirely. I will miss him a lot, but depending on how things go Im sure Ill be back for the odd lesson. If youre still looking for someone to exercise him while youre away next month I would love to do so, and I would still really like to do a dressage test on him to round off the work weve done so far.
Thanks for XC Schooling
Hi Lisa, Remember you trained my friend Steffi and I at Munstead a few weeks ago? I was the one on the naughty coloured. Well training paid off, we got a 4th at Tweseldown. Thanx for a great session at Munstead, obviously it was the confidence boost my horse needed.
Geoff Billington Masterclass
Tiger Tim IV and Jenny T
Lisa has been training my 16.2 hh Irish sports horse, Timmy, for just over a year now and she has transformed him from a difficult horse into an Eventer which she has competed sucessfully at BE100. She has also given me confidence as a rider. This summer I did my first one day event on him and am looking forward to competing him in the coming season. Lisas coaching really has been the basis of this. She has been positive and reassuring for us both offering just the right mixture of technical and non-technical support and encouragement. What a difference! JENNY.T
Albie the Schoolmaster from Nick C.
I have been doing dressage training with Lisa and Albie - working on the real basics - a secure seat, steady hands and a proper contact. I can thoroughly recommend it. Its not a matter of endless circles and incomprehensible explanations. Instead, it feels fun but at the same time structured and tailored to me and my riding. I have really appreciated Lisas can-do approach. Im now looking forward to doing some jumping training. NICK.C
Jo and her PC Ponies. Member of HH PC
Lisa has really helped me with two very naughty ponies. My first pony was a little beast who would charge off at every opportunity. Also she would run around a dressage arena like well like a pony (free gallop on a long rein being her favourite)! Lisa taught me how to use my hands and legs more effectively in order to control her. Now that I have moved on to a much bigger and younger horse Lisa has given me confidence both in my dressage (which has improved dramatically) and in x-country which I love. I now feel confident to go round a 29 + cross country course and 3ft show jumping. JO.C

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